Evaporative condensers

Evaporative condensers discharge refrigerant and air-conditioning heat, and consume minimal energy and water. They combine a cooling tower and a refrigerant condenser in a single unit and offer the following

Key benefits:

  • Initial cost savings: cooling tower, condenser surface, water pump and piping in a single equipment unit
  • Low system operating costs: low condensing temperatures for a more compact compressor using less power
  • Low refrigerant charge, costs and environmental impact minimized
  • Space-saving: up to 50 % area savings compared to comparable air-cooled installations.

These units evaporate a fraction of the water, eliminating refrigerant heat and condensing within the coil. This saves up to 95% of water compared once-through condensing systems.

Ph diagram

A small portion of the water is evaporated, removing the heat from the refrigerant and condensing it inside the coil. This saves up to 95% of the water compared with a once-through condensing system.

Air cooled condensers with adiabatic pre-coolers

Here, the air is adiabatically pre-cooled, boosting dry condensing capacity by up to 40%. Requires less power and area than conventional air-cooled condensers.

Key benefits

  • Limited water usage: short and limited periods of adiabatic operation
  • No water treatment: once-through system
  • Excellent dry condensing capacity: air pre-cooled to wet bulb temperature via adiabatic pre-coolers
  • Energy-saving
  • Space-saving


Overview of BAC refrigerant condensers


         BAC refrigerant condensers
Induced draft      •
Forced draft  •  •        
Axial fan    
Centrifugal fan  •        
Combined flow      •  
Counter flow  •  •      
Water saving technology          •  
Specific product line benefits            
Low Sound +++ +++ +++ ++ ++  +
Energy Efficiency + + +++ +++ +++  ++
Easy Maintenance ++ ++ ++ +++ +++  +++
Operational safety (hygiene) ++ ++ +++  +++ +++  +++

Want to know how BAC condensers can serve your industrial refrigeration application? Contact your local BAC representative for more information.