Open cooling towers discharge heat from water-cooled systems into the atmosphere. The hot process water is distributed over a fill pack (heat transfer media) to interface with air blown by a fan through the cooling tower. During this evaporative cooling, a small part of the water evaporates while cooling the remaining process water.

The key benefits of open cooling towers are:

  • optimal cooling, as proved by lab tests
  • allowing low process temperatures
  • open cooling towers have a small footprint

A benefit for all BAC cooling tower customers:

Baltimore Aircoil has various open cooling tower configurations, the specific benefits of which are listed below.

 Overview of BAC open cooling towers

  BAC open cooling towers
  S3000D S1500E FCT VTL-E VXT
Induced draft    
Forced draft      
Axial fan    
Centrifugal fan      
Specific product line benefits                 
Low Sound ++ ++ ++ +++ +++
Energy Efficiency +++ +++ +++ + +
Easy Maintenance +++ +++ +++ ++ ++
Operational safety (hygiene) +++ +++ +++  ++ ++

Want to know more about open cooling towers? Ask your local BAC representative for more information.