Year-round reliable operation

BAC original parts

BAC original spare parts are not just components. They guarantee year-round reliable operation of your cooling equipment by offering you all these benefits:

  • Original performance to minimize system operating cost
  • Minimum downtime, maximum service life
  • Operational safety
  • Improved operation and maintenance via the latest technology
  • Long-term availability and traceability
  • Quick delivery

BAC genuine spare parts offer you these benefits because:

  • They meet BAC specifications – optimized by more than 70 years of cooling product experience.
  • Every part undergoes a testing process under different conditions.
  • BAC parts meet unrivalled safety and quality requirements.
  • BAC parts are state of the art and fit perfectly .

Read more about the BAC spare parts services:

Spare parts guide

Find the most common spare parts for your BAC equipment.

Buy spare parts

Your local BAC representative can offer you all spare parts for your BAC equipment.

Quick delivery

We can send spare parts almost anywhere within 48 hours.

Equipment upgrades

Switching to new BAC components lets you upgrade existing equipment and cooling performance and helps you conform to new regulations and industry standards.

7 Risks not buying original spare parts

Warning ! Installing spare parts that resemble BAC originals, but are not guaranteed for the same tasks exposes you to 7 risks.

Service technicians

Let BAC-trained technicians repair and maintain your BAC equipment.

Register your BAC equipment

If you register your BAC equipment, BAC will send you a spare parts list for the same. Save time and effort and get perfect replacement parts if unexpected failure occurs.
BAC will keep you informed of any upgrades to improve your cooling system performance and equipment service life.