• Standard - Steel panels and structurral elements are constructed of durable, corrosion resistant and self healing Baltiplus 800TM.
  • Optional -  Steel panels and structural elements are constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel type 304.

Coil configurations

  • Coils are manufactured according to ASME B31.5; pressure tested to 26 Bar with air under whigh quality coil weldsater and can be shipped with a nitrogen holding charge.
  • Tubes are constructed of 15.88 mm diameter, stainless steel Type 304. 
  • Fins are constructed of aluminium, die-formed, in flat pattern.
  • Headers are constructed of schedule 40 pipe as required by ASME B31.5

Coils have precise welds made by high quality orbital welding. To address the issue of operator error in the tungsten arc welding process, BAC makes use of specially developed orbital welding equipment to weld our tubes. Orbital welding provides the operator the ability to produce consistent, repeatable, high quality, controlled and documented welds maintaining accuracy while improving efficiency. Orbital welding remains consistent, whereas manual welding may produce inconsistent results because each weld is completed by hand.


  • Standard - Pan is constructed of durable, corrosion resistant and self healing Baltiplus 800TM.
  • Optional -  Pan is constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel type 304.
  • Defrost - Electric heating elements or hot gas coil with double skin.
  • Pan insulation is available in Baltiplus 800TM or stainless steel type 304
  • Pans are furnished with an extra large drain connection.

Fans & motors

  • Fans are direct-drive, cast aluminium blade or polyprop (optional).
  • Fan motors are foot-mounted on steel base plates, supported by fan housing constructed of heavy-gauge self healing Baltiplus 800. Motors are IP 55/IE, totally enclosed, fan cooled (TEFC), furnished with low temperature grease and SATMOS treated.

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