1. Material options

  • Industrial grade Stainless Steel and an exclusive Thermosetting Hybrid Polymer coating on all structural panels.

2. Heat transfer media

  • Robust industrial grade all aluminium, microchannel coils.
  • Superior corrosion resistant coils: high quality expoxy coating and all aluminium construction, special alloys and brazing flux.
  • Proof tested and helium leak checked
  • Thicker aluminium channel walls
  • Unique top feed design with vertical tubes allowing for gravity drainage of the condensed refrigerant. No need for external manifolding.

3. Air movement system

  • Axial fan with direct drive integrated VSCE motor(s) and fan guard.

4. Adiabatic pre-coolerTrilliumSeries pre-coolers

  • Evaporative cooling pad of impregnated cellulose with different flute angles.

5. EcoFlex controls

  • Energy monitoring: measures the energy use of the TrilliumSeries condenser and verifies efficient operation over the life of the equipment.
  • Water monitoring: measures the water use and maintains efficient operation of the unit.
  • Alarms: signals provided for fans, pumps or valves to reduce instances of high system head pressure.
  • Communication cards: allows for seamless integration over Modbus and BACnet to monitor all system components in a single location.
  • Self clean mode: once every 24 hours, the EcoFlex controls turn on the self clean mode which reverses the fans and blows dirt/debris off the microchannel and the pre-cooler media.

Like to know more about the TSDC TrilliumSeries condenser construction details? Contact your local BAC representative.