BAC sound

Sound may be a key consideration when choosing cooling equipment.
The sound requirements of cooling equipment depend on :

  • its actual environment: what is an acceptable volume for those living or working nearby,
  • the local legal requirements.

In the fundamentals of sound, BAC describes how you can measure the impact of cooling equipment noise on the neighborhood, offers ways to reduce the impact as well as extra options or accessories to fit almost all BAC products e.g.:

  • sound attenuation
  • low noise or whisper-quiet fans
  • installation of a second motor, two-speed motor or VFD
  • water silencers

At BAC, we combine thermal ratings and acoustical test programs. We test all BAC equipment with and without sound attenuation and with optional whisper quiet fans at various directions, distances and fan speeds.

Sound pressure data per octave band and sound power data for all four sides and the top of units are available from your local BAC representative.

For indoor applications, we provide partial air inlet and discharge sound power data.

Sound reduction options or accessories are available for almost all BAC products. Your local BAC representative can help you choose the BAC product to best meet your sound requirements.