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Key benefits

  • Low height
  • Easy installation
  • Quiet

Low height

  • Very low height: fits perfectly on roof tops or tight enclosures.

Easy installation

  • VCL condensers are factory-assembled. We ship in one piece for easy on-site lifting and installation.
  • VCL offers high capacity and minimum operating weight. Save on steel supports, both underneath the equipment and in the building itself for rooftop installations.
  • Single-side air inlet lets you install next to solid walls.
  • Units housable indoors thanks to centrifugal fans allowing intake or discharge ductwork.

Ideal for a quiet operation

  • VCL units include quiet internal centrifugal fans for minimal surrounding noise.
  • Single-side air inlet, and a quieter tower rear for more noise-sensitive areas.
  • Cut operation noise still further with factory-designed and tested sound attenuators or silencers.

Year-round reliable operation

  • Various corrosion-resistant materials, including the Baltiplus 810TM coating for guaranteed long service life.
  • Optional Baltiguard Drive System for energy savings and less noise during low load (night). A perfect stand-by system in case of motor failure

Interested in the VCL evaporative condenser for your industrial refrigeration application? Contact your local BAC representative for more information.

VCL characteristics

  • Counter flow, centrifugal fan, forced draft
  • PED 97/23/EC coil design

Capacity range

180 - 1380 kW
(for single cell models, nominal R22 kW's)

Typical applications

  • Low height requirements
  • Tight enclosures and installations requiring a single air inlet
  • Indoor installations
  • Sound critical installations
  • Dry operation in winter time