Key benefits

  • Long reliable service life
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy maintenance

Long and reliable service life

  • Corrosision resistant and superior structure strength: pultruded composite construction combined with BAC's patented "Bonded Panel to Post Connection" guarantuee a long service life.

Low energy consumption

  • Evaporative cooling for system-wide energy saving at lower operating temperatures.
  • Axial fan uses half the energy of similar centrifugal fan units.
  • Factory tested high efficiency coil.
  • High efficiency/VFD duty fan motors

Easy maintenance

  • Full cold water basin access when removing the combined inlet shields.
  • Easy no-tool removal of side panel gives access to all internal cooling tower components.
  • Extended bearing lube lines fitted for ease of maintenance.
  • Sloped basin to flush out dirt and debris.
  • Easy removable spray branch arms, eliminators and combined inlet shields.
  • Easy access to motor and drives from outside.
  • Upgrade the unit with external service platform, ladder, safety cage and gate for quick and safe access to all unit components.

Low installation cost

  • Motors and drives are factory aligned.
  • Reduce rigging time with the coil section self aligning with the basin section. Motors and drives are factory aligned.
  • All models mount directly on three parallel I-beams.
  • Use smaller, less costly cranes by shipping in multiple sections to minimize the size and weight of the heaviest lift.
  • Container shipment often possible!

Operational safety

  • Closed loop, no airborne contaminants enter and foul the system.
  • Easy-clean and easy-inspect RCC condensers reduce hygiene risks from bacteria (e.g. Legionalla) or biofilm inside.
  • Combined inlet shields block sunlight to prevent biological growth in the condenser, filter the air and stop water splashing outside.

Interested in the RCC evaporative condenser for your industrial refrigeration application? Contact your local BAC representative for more information.