The Low Profile VFL Closed Circuit Cooling Towers deliver independently verified, fully rated thermal performance over a wide range of flow and temperature requirements. They can be installed indoors and are ideal for limited ceiling or enclosure heights. The Low Profile VFL design minimises sound levels and installation costs, provides year-round operating reliability, and simplifies maintenance requirements



Capacity Range:

Single Cell Capacity: from 1 l/s to 65 l/s.

Fan System:

Centrifugal Fan, Forced Draft

Maximum Entering Water Temperature:


Typical Applications:

Small to medium HVAC & industrial applications; Indoor installations; High temperature industrial applications; Tight enclosures & installations requiring a single air inlet



Electric Water Level Control Package

The electric water level control replaces the standard mechanical make-up valve when a more precise water level control is required. This package consists of a float switch mounted in the basin and a solenoid activated valve in the makeup water line. The valve is slow closing to minimize water hammer.

Extended Lubrication Lines

Extended lubrication lines with grease fittings are available for lubrication of the fan shaft bearings.

Capacity Control Dampers

Modulating capacity control dampers are available to provide better leaving water temperature control than can be obtained from fan cycling alone. Fan discharge dampers consist of a single airfoil type damper blade located in the discharge of each fan housing. A standard electrical control package for dampers is available from BAC.

Solid Bottom Panels

Factory-installed bottom panels are required when intake air is ducted to the unit.

Discharge Hoods

Discharge hoods reduce the risk of re-circulation in tight enclosures by increasing discharge air velocity, and can be used to elevate the unit discharge above adjacent walls to comply with layout guidelines.

Construction Details

Construction Details: 

1. Heavy Duty Construction

    - Z700 hot-dip galvanised steel panels

2. Water Distribution System

    - PVC Spray Branches

    - Large orifice, 360°, non-clog nozzles

    - Grommetted for easy maintenance

3. Coil

   - Continuous serpentine, steel tubing

    - Hot-dip galvanised after fabrication

    - Sloped tubes for free drainage of fluid

    - Pneumatically tested at 23 bar

4. Drift Eliminators

    - Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

    - UV resistant, impervious to rot, decay and biological attack

    - Three distict changes in air direction to reduce drift loss significantly

    - Assembled in easy to handle sections

5. Fan Drive System

    - V-belt drive

    - Heavy Duty bearings and motor

6. Centrifugal Fans

    - Quiet operation

7. Recirculating Spray Pump

    - Close coupled, bronze fitted centrifugal pump

    - Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor

    - Bleed line with valve installed from pump discharge to overflow

8. Access Door

    - Interior of unit is easily accessible via circular access door

9. Strainer (Not Shown)

    - Anti-vortexing design to prevent air entrainment

Custom Options

Custom Options: 

Standard Construction:

Steel panels and structural elements are constructed of Z700 heavy-gauge hot-dip galvanized steel.

Optional Stainless Steel Construction:

Steel panels and structural elements are constructed of stainless steel either type 304 or 316.

Coil Construction

Standard Serpentine Coil

The standard heat transfer coil is constructed from continuous lengths of all prime surface steel, and is hot-dip galvanised after fabrication.

Optional Stainless Steel Coil

Coils can be constructed from either type 304 or 316 stainless steel for specialised applications.

All coils are designed for low pressure with sloping tubes for free drainage of fluid.

The Baltiguard® Drive System

The BALTIGUARD® Drive System consists of two standard single-speed fan motors and drive assemblies. One drive assembly is sized for full speed and load, and the other is sized for approximately 2/3 speed and consumes only 1/3 of the design kilowatt power. This configuration allows the system to be operated like a two-speed motor, but with the reserve capacity of a standby motor in the event of failure. As a minimum, approximately 70% capacity will be available from the low kilowatt motor, even on a design wet-bulb day. Controls and wiring are the same, as those required for a two-speed, two-winding motor. Significant energy savings are achieved when operating at low speed during periods of reduced load and/or low wet-bulb temperatures.

Note: For more information, contact your BAC representative.

Low Sound Operation

The low sound levels generated by BAC Products with centrifugal fans make them suitable for most installations. For situations when one direction is particularly sound sensitive, the unit can be oriented so that the side opposite the air inlet faces the sound-sensitive direction. Units with centrifugal fans are also available with factory designed, tested and rated sound attenuation for both the air inlet and discharge.

Note: For more information, contact your BAC representative.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits: 

Installation Flexibility

• Indoor Installations - Centrifugal fans can overcome the static pressure imposed by external ductwork, allowing the VTL to be installed indoors.

• Low Profile Models– Motors and drives of low profile units are adjacent to the casing section to yield models suitable for use in height sensitive installations.

Low Sound

• Centrifugal Fan - Centrifugal fans have inherently low sound characteristics.

• Single Air Inlet - Sound-sensitive areas can be accommodated by facing the quiet blank-off panel to the sound-sensitive direction.

• Attenuation - For extremely sound sensitive applications, factory designed tested/rated sound attenuation is available for both the air intake and discharge.

Low Energy Consumption

• Evaporative Cooling Equipment - Minimizes the energy consumption of the entire system because it provides lower condensing water temperatures. Owners save money while conserving natural resources and reducing environmental impact.

• Motors - VFD duty motors are standard and Premium Efficiency Motors are available as an option.

Low Installed Cost

• Support - All models mount directly on two parallel I-beams and ship complete with motors and drives factory-installed and aligned.

• Modular Design – All models without intake or discharge accessories ship in one piece to minimise field installing time.

Easy Maintenance

• Internal Access - The interior of the unit is easily accessible for adjusting the float valve, cleaning the strainer or flushing the basin.

Reliable Year-Round Operation

• V-Belt Drive - The fans, motor, and drive system are located outside of the moist discharge airstream, protecting them from moisture, condensation and icing. Backed by a five-year fan drive and motor warranty, these units are suitable for year-round operation.

Long Service Life

• Materials of Construction - Various materials are available to meet the corrosion resistance, unit operating life, and budgetary requirements of any project.

Principle Of Operation

Principle Of Operation: 

1. Air In;

2. Air Out;

3. Fluid In;

4. Fluid Out;

6. Cold Water Basin;

7. Water Distribution System;

8. Coil;

9. Spray Water Pump;

10. Eliminators;

11. Optional Extended Surface.

Hot water from the system enters the cooling tower and is distributed over the wet deck surface (heat transfer surface). Air is forced through the wet deck surface, causing a small portion of the water to evaporate. This evaporation removes heat from the remaining water, which is collected in the cold water basin and returned to the system to absorb more heat.